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La Ripaille

La Ripaille, Toulouse train station's brasserie

Come discover or re-discover La Ripaille, brasserie which was open by our grand-father in July 10th 1970. At that time, open 24/7, it was used as the HQ of Toulouse youth ! Today, after a closing period of time,

La ripaille welcomes you from Monday to Friday midday with a simple, gourmet and generous cuisine. And still 7 on 7, midday and evening, on reservation for your business or groups meals.


Daily menu

starter + main course + dessert 19.90€

starter + main course or main course + dessert 16.90€



Our menu is made from fresh and local products, but especially well cooked.

Everything is HOME MADE!



  • Mimosa egg €5
  • Salmon gravlax with beetroot €9
  • Lentil salad with praline and dried duck breast €7
  • Cream of the moment soup €5


  • Butcher’s cut 250g, Chips 22€ (Chips)
  • Maison Garcia 180g Toulouse sausage, homemade mashed potatoes €15
  • Autumn vegetable pan fried 14€ with curry sauerkraut
  • Sauerkraut with curry, saithe and scallops
  • Canaille dish €18


  • Seasonal tart €6
  • Fromage blanc with accompaniment of the moment €5
  • Apple and blackberry crumble €6
  • Farigola cheese platter €7

Menu subject to availability and change.

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